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Art & Environment

This subcommittee cares for the worship space and arranges flowers and appropriate symbols which enhance the liturgy. Members set up and remove decorations as required; Subcommittees of this committee are the Church Cleaners and those that care for the Church Linens.

In a formal way the purpose of the art & environment committee is not so much to “decorate” the church but to “enhance” the liturgical space so that the meaning of the season or occasion, the action of the liturgy, the celebration of the Eucharist and the prayer of the people are elevated or heightened. The simplest way to put it would be to say that we work to help people to pray better. 

Contact: Kathy Aschbacher (895-5634 or 

Additional Information About Art and Environment

Church Cleaners

The Church cleaners are scheduled monthly, performing their duties weekly, usually on Friday or Saturday. Duties include: straightening the hymnals; cleaning and replenishing the Holy Water containers; dusting the tabernacle; cleaning the doors, windows and door frames as needed.

Church Linens

Those who sign up for this ministry are scheduled for a month, performing their duties weekly. The soiled purificators, corpals, and hand towels are collected and washed. The purificators and corpals are ironed and folded. They are then returned to Church to be used at the daily and weekend masses.