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Children under the age of seven years are welcomed into life in Christ and the Christian community through the sacrament of Baptism. Baptisms are celebrated every other month (except during the seasons of Advent and Lent) within our weekend Eucharistic liturgies. Four families may celebrate Baptism at any one of the liturgies. Parents must be registered members of Holy Trinity Parish for at least three months prior to the child's Baptism. Attendance at two (2) preparation sessions prior to the Baptism are also required.  Babysitting is offered if needed.  Dates of upcoming Baptisms and the parent preparation sessions are published in the parish bulletin and on the website. Please call Therese Carroll-Caruso in the parish office (897-5207) for more information about Baptism.

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At Holy Trinity, Confirmation is a two-year program starting in the 7th grade and concluding in the winter of the 8th grade year. Confirmation is a sacrament of initiation recognizing the power of the Spirit in the life of a Christian. The Director of Youth Ministry and the G.I.F.T. and school catechists together coordinate instruction/formation of parish candidates. Service Outreach is one important element in the preparation for this sacrament.

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The center of our community life is the celebration of the Eucharist. The Eucharist is "the repeatable sacrament of initiation," at which we express thanks and praise of our God who continues to shape us through his Word and offers us the gift of his very life in Holy Communion.  Through our celebration we are meant to become more Christ-like and continue Christ's mission in the world.

Children of second grade age and above who have been baptized are invited to prepare for the celebration of their First Holy Communion.  Preparation is a partnership effort between parents, school and GIFT religion teachers, and the Religious Education office of the parish. Children usually prepare for and celebrate their First Reconciliation prior to celebrating First Communion.  See details for that preparation under First Reconciliation elsewhere on the website.

Children of second grade age and above who have not been baptized are prepared for the celebration of all three sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist) through the Children's Catechumenate process - an adapted RCIA process.  These sacraments are celebrated at the Easter Vigil.  Contact Therese Carroll-Caruso for more information.

The Director of Religious Education, Therese Carroll-Caruso, coordinates the preparation for first sacraments. 

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This sacrament offers a continuing process of conversion through which Christians are forgiven for sins and reconciled to God and to the community of faith.  First Reconciliation is celebrated with a strong family emphasis.This is a two year preparation begining in the first grade and concluding with the celebration of the sacrament in the fall of the second grade year.  Religious Educators in the school, the Sunday GIFT program, and the Religious Education Office assist parents in the preparation of their children for this sacrament.  The calendar for 2017-2018 is as follows:

Parent meeting: Monday, September 11th from 9-10:30 A.M. or  Tuesday, September 12th from  7-8:30 P.M.  Both meetings will be held in the Adult Formation Rooms.

Workshop:  Saturday, September 30th from 9-11:30 A.M. or Saturday, October 14th from 9-11:30 A.M.  Both are in the Multipurpose Building. 

Celebrations of the sacrament: Saturday, October 28th at 10 A.M.  in the Church.

Children above second grade age are prepared for this sacrament separately. To arrange for such preparation, contact the Director of Religious Education, Therese Carroll-Caruso, at 897-5207.

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