The Social Outreach Committee is a collection of the chairspersons from each major social outreach ministry. This group meets collectively on a quarlerly basis to communicate important updates being done at the individual ministry level and to improve connectivity and mutual support.

Each of the subgroups share in one common goal: to provide charity and advocacy to our community and beyond.

These groups include:

Social Outread Calendar for 2017

2017 EdChoice KY Information Page

"Our faith calls us to work for justice; to serve those in need, to pursue peace, and to defend the life, dignity, and rights of all our sisters and brothers. This is the call of Jesus, the challenge of prophets, and the living tradition of our Church." 

- A Pastoral Message of the Catholic
(A Century of Social Teaching p. 1)
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A Note from Ed Choice KY
"[Scholarship Tax Credits] will be on the table. There is a lot of support, bipartisan support." - House Appropriations and Revenue Chairman Steven Rudy
EdChoice Kentucky is working hard to put Scholarship Tax Credits at the forefront of the tax reform debate should Governor Bevin call a special session later this year.
Monday night on KET, House Appropriations and Revenue Chairman Steven Rudy and Kentucky Chamber Vice President Ashli Watts praised the bipartisan support for Scholarship Tax Credits. Chairman Rudy went as far to say that Scholarship Tax Credits are on the table in the tax reform debate.
The wide-ranging discussion about Scholarship Tax Credits is the latest sign that our efforts to educate the public and lawmakers are being successful.
VIDEO: Kentucky Chamber & House Chairman Praise Bipartisan Scholarship Tax Credits
I am encouraged that we will soon make a real difference for families and students across the state. Please continue to spread the word about Scholarship Tax Credits by keeping up with us on Facebook and Twitter.
You are our best ambassadors. Thank you again for supporting EdChoice Kentucky and working with us to expand educational opportunities for all Kentuckians.
Charles H. Leis
President, EdChoice KY
ministry fair 2017
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