Dear Engaged Couples,

Congratulations!  You are seeking the sacrament of matrimony in the church.  We will strive to assist you in building the foundation for a marriage that will give you a lifetime of joy.  As well, we will help you to plan a beautiful wedding liturgy and commit the resources of the parish to you.

As you have shared time with each other, in dating, and in serious searching and getting information about each other, you have been led to the belief that you will be able to share life with each other.  The question you posed to each other “will you marry me”has sealed that belief.  These words celebrate what is happening in your lives.

To learn more about marriage preparation in the Catholic Church please visit the webpage for the Archdiocese of Louisville.

To begin your preparation for the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, at least six months prior to your wedding, and before you set your wedding date, please contact the parish office to schedule a meeting with one of our priests or deacons. At that first meeting, you will receive information on all the steps leading to your wedding day and the beginning of your married life together.

Peace and all blessings,

Rev. William Bowling


Parish Office phone:  502-897-5207