This Worship Committee is dedicated to fostering an environment in which all members of the liturgical assembly can glorify God and be made holy.
Subcommittee chairpersons meet monthly to coordinate liturgical functions and to consult and advise one another on ways to enhance the various elements of worship.


AcolytesAn acolyte functions at Mass as an adult server and a master of ceremonies by assisting in helping the continual flow of the liturgy. The acolyte accentuates the roles of the Priest, Deacon, server(s) and thurifer. The acolyte makes sure that everything for liturgy is present. Acolytes are appointed by the pastor.


ServersYouth in grades five and up are invited to be liturgical ministers who assist the presiding priest and deacon. After training has been completed, altar servers assist at liturgies on a rotating schedule.

Please see the weekly bulletin for the schedule.


This subcommittee cares for the worship space and arranges flowers and appropriate symbols which enhance the liturgy. Members set up and remove decorations as required; Subcommittees of this committee are the Church Cleaners and those that care for the Church Linens.

In a formal way the purpose of the art & environment committee is not so much to “decorate” the church but to “enhance” the liturgical space so that the meaning of the season or occasion, the action of the liturgy, the celebration of the Eucharist and the prayer of the people are elevated or heightened. The simplest way to put it would be to say that we work to help people to pray better. For more information please click this link.


church-artThe Church cleaners are scheduled monthly, performing their duties weekly, usually on Friday or Saturday. Duties include: straightening the hymnals; cleaning and replenishing the Holy Water containers; dusting the tabernacle; cleaning the doors, windows and door frames as needed.


church-art-1Those who sign up for this ministry are scheduled for a month, performing their duties weekly. The soiled purificators, corpals, and hand towels are collected and washed. The purificators and corpals are ironed and folded. They are then returned to Church to be used at the daily and weekend masses.


Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Eucharistic celebrations. They may also volunteer to take Holy Communion to hospitals, nursing homes and homebound parishioners. They are commissioned for service to the community in accordance with Archdiocesan guidelines.


These liturgical ministers create a welcoming atmosphere at weekend liturgies and other events, as needed.  They greet people as they enter the church building and help them feel welcome and at home. They take up offerings, distribute Sunday bulletins and clear the worship space of unnecessary and forgotten articles after each Eucharistic liturgy. This ministry is open to all members of the community, either as individuals or in family groupings.

LectorsThese liturgical ministers proclaim the scripture texts designated for the particular Sunday or feast. Participation in this ministry involves ongoing liturgical formation. Attendance at scheduled workshops is required. Each lector is given a workbook to use in preparing to proclaim God’s word. Adults and Youth with good voice quality, who enunciate clearly and read with understanding and reverence for God’s word, are encouraged to share these gifts with the community as lectors. Lectors are scheduled on a rotating basis, according to the number of lectors available.


An adult member of the parish who attends a given Sunday liturgy regularly will see to it that the ministers are accounted for before Mass begins. He/she will make sure that the family who brings up the gifts, the hospitality ministers who take up the collection and usher the communicants to the altar, are appointed (or accounted for) prior to the beginning of each Sunday mass.  Sacristans will ensure that the worship space is prepared for Mass.  They will make sure all things are put away after Mass, the candles extinguished, the lights and PA system are turned off too. Upon leaving, he/she will see to the tidiness of the church. 


Music ministers serve the community of faith in a variety of roles. Musicians are needed to play keyboard, woodwinds, bass, string, and percussion instruments. Also, parish members who enjoy singing are invited to participate in the choir. Cantors lead the sung prayer of the assembly. Members meet regularly for practice in the church as scheduled by the Music Director.

Please see below for some of the opportunities we offer in music ministry! 

The Adult Choir is looking for some new voices!  Choir rehearsals are scheduled for Monday evenings, 7:00-8:30 PM, in the church.  The choir sings at the 11:00 AM Mass three weekends each month.  Come with a willingness to share your voice in praise to God in order to help our community pray the liturgy in a special and holy way! 
All are invited to participate in the Sunday evening 6:30 PM Mass choir.  We sing the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.  Rehearsals are scheduled at 5:30 PM Sunday evening, prior to the Mass.  Singers and musicians are needed!
Come join the choir!  We have an exciting choir year planned and we would love to have your youth share their talents!  The Holy Trinity Youth Choir and Ensemble is open to all students 2nd-8th grade who would like to lend their voice or play an instrument.  Practices are every Tuesday, after school 3:00 - 4:00 PM.  The choir will sing at school Masses as well as one Sunday Mass a month.  You can find registration forms in the school and Parish offices.  We look forward to having your child join us in singing praises to God!
The Holy Trinity Youth Ensemble is made up of Junior high and high school aged youth who love to share their musical talents with the parish! The youth ensemble provides music at two 6:30 pm Sunday liturgies a month: the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. Practices are on the Sundays that we have masses, beginning at 5:00 PM. We are seeking any youth singers and/or instrumentalists!